This blog is and will be about all things royal.

It is likely I will be inspired to write about something the princesses of the world wore on their last official duties, royal children of the world, royalty in historical sense and so forth. I reserve the right to post anything related to royalty I feel my readers would enjoy or have pleasure of reading.

Affiliate link disclosure: I do use some affiliate links on this blog which gives me commission for referred sales. However I never write articles for the sole intention of inserting affiliate links. I only link to online retailers that have products I believe are of my readers interests and they could benefit from.

I do not claim ownership of any photos displayed on this blog. If you own any of the photos on this blog and you wish to have them taken down, please contact me and I will gladly do so.

If you have any requests for me or want to contact me for something else please write to me at theroyalsource(at)

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