June 18, 2015

Did Princess Madeleine buy a baby blanket from her exes wife?

What an eventful two weeks for the Swedish royals! Last week the Swedes got a new princess and this week they have a brand new prince. Princess Madeleine's second born has been given the name Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf. 

Brand new photos have been published of Prince Nicolas wearing a brown knitted set, from Bonpoint according to Johanna over at Kungliga modebloggen. It seems as though the white blanket he is laying on might be from Soft Goat.

Soft Goat is a company owned by Stephanie Bergström, who is Jonas Bergströms wife. (Jonas and Madeleine were engaged before they broke off their engagement allegedly due to him being unfaithful).

If in fact the blanket is from Soft Goat does that mean Madeleine and Stephanie are on speaking terms again?

Do you think the blanket is from Soft Goat or some other company?

Photos: The Royal Source, Kungahuset, Soft Goat

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