January 19, 2015

You'll never guess what Kate Middleton's brother did to this girl on a night out in Iceland

Ingibjorg Groa, a girl from Iceland, went out for drinks with her friends last Saturday in Reykjavik, Iceland when she met James Middleton at Bar Hresso.

"He was here with three friends and they were really polite and gentleman like" said Ingibjorg in an interview with Visir magazine. "Well, apart from groping my ass a little he was really gentleman like the whole time."

Hresso, Reykjavik where James and his friends went out for drinks last Saturday

She goes on to describe the encounter with Mr. Middleton: "Me and my friends had no idea who he was but one of his friends told us he was Duchess Catherine's brother. When we googled him we could put the puzzles together."

James Middleton and his buddies stayed at the exclusive 101 Hotel Reykjavik in down town Reykjavik, Iceland

According to Visir magazine James and his buddies were in Reykjavik from Friday afternoon till Sunday. They stayed at luxury hotel 101 Hotel Reykjavik which is a down town hotel owned by Ingibjorg Palmadottir, entrepreneur and business woman. Wife of Jon Asgeir Johannesson.

"After a night of laughter, drinks and conversation at Bar Hresso we went our separate ways" Ingibjorg Groa said.

Photos: Tripadvisor, 101 Hotel Reykjavik
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