June 18, 2014

Victoria in Iceland: photos and schedule

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrived in Iceland this morning. With them on the visit is princess Estelle although she does not accompany her parents on their duties. She stays at home with the nanny.

At 9.40 am local time the princess couple was invited to Bessastadir, the resident of Mr. Olafur Grimsson president of Iceland and his wife Dorrit Moussaief.

Later today the couple will visit Harpa concert hall where they will get a tour of Reykjavik's newest landmark.


The day continues with a visit to the Nordic House where on the occasion of the visit there will be an exhibition of furniture designed by Swedish designers. The Swedish/Icelandic chamber of commerce will invite the couple to lunch at the Nordic House.

After lunch they will go to Hellisheidi power plant for an exhibition and meeting and lastly they will visit Össur, the renowned pioneers of advanced orthopaedic technology.

Tonight the couple will be invited back to Bessastadir for Dinner.

Tomorrow, on the couples 4 year wedding anniversary, they will head to Husavik in northern Iceland. They will go whale watching, eat lunch with the prime minister, Mr. Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson. The day continues with a visit to lake Myvatn and Namaskard on their way to Akureyri. At Akureyri they will be visiting Akureyri University where they will participate in a speaking forum on cooperative efforts of the Nordic nations.

The visit ends in the evening of 19 June.

Photos: MBL Golli

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