June 26, 2014

9 Random Royal Facts You Didn't Know

1. Prince Daniel was born on the same day Carl Gustaf became King

Daniel Westling was born on 15 September 1973 the same day the Swedes got their new King: Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. Daniel Westling would later go on to marry the kings eldest daughter, Princess Victoria.

2. Princesses Victoria and Tatiana share a friend 

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Princess Tatiana of Greece have one good friend in common: Ellen Dinkelspiel (née Stendahl). When Ellen married her then boyfriend, Jan Dinkelspiel back in August 2009, Tatiana was one of Ellens bridesmaids. Back then, Tatiana was better known as Tatiana Blatnik, girlfriend of Prince Nikolaos of Greece. Ellen returned the favour when Tatiana and Nikolaos got married a year later in Greece.

3. Princess Madeleine's race with her ex-fiancé

As previously reported, Jonas Bergström and Madeleine's ex friend Stephanie af Klercker, got together after Madeleine broke off the engagement with Jonas. Call it what you want but here is the timeline of what has happened:

January 2011: Jonas and Stephanie are spotted together for the first time
January 2011: Madeleine and Chris are spotted together for the first time

October 2012: Madeleine and Chris get engaged
October 2012: Jonas and Stephanie get engaged

June 2013: Madeleine and Chris get married
August 2013: Jonas and Stephanie get married

February 2014: Jonas and Stephanie welcome their firstborn, baby girl Katinka Bergström
February 2014: Madeleine and Chris welcome their firstborn, baby girl Princess Leonore

4. ABBA's Dancing Queen is a tribute to Queen Silvia

ABBA's song Dancing Queen was performed live for the first time ever at a tribute concert in honor of King Carl Gustaf and his bride to be, Silvia Sommerlath, now Queen Silvia.

5. The Greek Royal family is one of the best connected royal families in the world

The Greek Royal Family consists of ex King Constantine and ex Queen Anne-Marie and their children and grandchildren. King Constantine's sister is the former Queen of Spain. That is to say, The current king, Felipe, is cousin to King Constantine's and Queen Anne-Marie's childen and nephew of King Constantine. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is Queen Anne-Marie's sister. Princess Marie-Chantal, who is married into the royal family also has good connections to add to the family's circle. Her sister used to be married to Diane von Furstenberg's son. There is also a good connection to the British Royal family through Prince Philip. Imagine the family gatherings of the extended families, nothing but Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses!

6. Diane von Furstenberg's son used to be Princess Marie-Chantal's sister mother in law and Princess Tatiana's employer

Princess Tatiana of Greece used to be an event coordinator for fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg prior to her marriage to Prince Nikolaos. Diane von Furstenberg happens to be Alexandra Miller's ex-mother in law and Alexandra Miller is Princess Marie-Chantal's sister. The chart here below explains this in a visual way.

7. Princess Victoria's good friend is a jeweler

Princess Victoria's close friend, Caroline Kreuger Nilsson recently launched her own jewelry brand, Kreuger Jewellery. Victoria wore a pair of her earrings to Princess Leonore's christening on 8 June 2014. Caroline's daughter Isabella Chloé Nilsson is Victoria's goddaughter as is Princess Leonore.

8. Princess Victoria is a very popular godparent

Princess Victoria is godmother to thirteen children, nine girls and four boys. Three of her godchildren will become queens and kings of the future. Victoria's godchildren are among others:
  • Prince Alexios of Greece, Princess Marie-Chantal's and Prince Pavlos' son.
  • The Princess of Orange, Catharina Amalia of the Netherlands, daughter of King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima.
  • Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Haakon's and Mette-Marit's daughter.
  • Prince Christian of Denmark, son of the Crown Prince couple of Denmark.
  • Princess Eléonore of Belgium, daughter of King Phillippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

9. Many princesses and queens names start with M

Among others we have:

  • Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
  • Queen Mathilde of Belgium
  • Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa of Luxembourg
  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
  • Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
  • Princess Marie of Denmark
  • Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece
  • Princess Mabel of the Netherlands
  • Princess Madeleine of Sweden
  • Princess Maria Olympia of Greece

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