December 25, 2014

Royals and their Christmas snapshots

Many of you might wonder how the royals spend their Christmas.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has invited both her sisters, Queen Anne-Marie and Princess Benedikte, their spouses, children and grandchildren to celebrate Christmas together at Fredensborg slot this year. Since Christmas is a private holiday for the royals there are no information about the official guest list available nor who has accepter or declined the invitation. Below is a probable guest list generated by The Royal Source.

Keep scrolling for embedded personal photos shared by some of the royal guests on social media.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary
Prince Christian
Princess Isabella
Prince Vincent
Princess Josephine

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie
Prince Nikolai
Prince Felix
Prince Henrik
Princess Athena

Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard

Prince Gustav and Carina Axelsson

Princess Alexandra and Count Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellgut
Count Richard von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth
Countess Ingrid von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth

Princess Nathalie and Alexander Johannsmann
Konstantine Johannsmann

Queen Anne-Marie and King Constantine

Princess Alexia and Carlos Quintana
Arrietta Morales y de Grecia
Ana María Morales y de Grecia
Carlos Morales y de Grecia
Amelia Morales y de Grecia

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal
Princess Maria Olympia
Prince Constantine Alexios
Prince Achileas Andreas
Prince Odysseas-Kimon
Prince Aristidis-Stavros

Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana

Princess Theodora

Prince Philippos

En video slået op af Theodora (@tgreece) den

A photo posted by Marie-Chantal Of Greece (@mariechantal22) on

Een foto die is geplaatst door Marie-Chantal Of Greece (@mariechantal22) op

Una foto pubblicata da Marie-Chantal Of Greece (@mariechantal22) in data:

December 22, 2014

Madeleine and Sofia wear By Malina

Last weekend the Swedish royal family attended the official meeting of the Swedish Academy in the Stockholm Stock Exchange. All three kings-children were there with their spouses.

Madeleine, who is expecting the couples second child, was clad in a green maxi dress from Swedish fashion brand By Malina. This is a re-use from the previous year when Madeleine wore it to a gold jacket. This time she wore a black fur jacket over it, also from By Malina.
Sofia Hellqvist and Princess Madeleine both dressed in By Malina

Sofia Hellqvist looked stunning in a navy dress from By Malina.

It isn't the first time we've seen the royal ladies wear By Malina and probably not the last. By Malina is a brand founded by Malin Andrén, a Swedish socialite and celebrity. She is Madeleine's acquaintance and Stephanie Bergström's best friend. Stephanie Bergström is Jonas Bergström's wife and Madeleine used to be engaged to Jonas.

December 16, 2014

Prince George's vest

Recently new photos of Prince George were released. In it he is sitting down, dressed in navy Corduroy Trousers, White bodysuit and a blue vest with Guard motif. I absolutely fell in love with his vest. Super cute outfit on a super adorable Prince.

The vest is from Cath Kidston and is available sold out on their website. The company has issued a statement saying they are looking into restocking the vest.
Prince George wearing vest with Guard motif

November 19, 2014

Sofia Hellqvist stunning at gala dinner

Sofia Hellqvist accompanied her fiancé, Prince Carl Philip on a gala dinner in Stockholm last night wearing a red lace dress by Tadashi Shoji and a clutch bag from By Malene Birger. Her bracelets are the Diamond Sky drop bracelet by Drakenberg Sjölin and A piece by Project Playground.

Sofia Hellqvist wearing a red lace dress by Tadashi Shoji

Sofia is wearing the Diamond sky drop bracelet by Drakenberg Sjölin and the green puzzle bracelet is from Project Playground. 

November 02, 2014

Madeleine wears Zara on a stroll with Leonore

Madeleine on a stroll in New York City with her daughter, Princess Leonore. Madeleine wore a light pink jacket by Zara, blue jeans and leopard print loafers. Leonore's stroller is Bugaboo Bee3 with white protection screen.

October 20, 2014

Tatiana Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi expecting their second child

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco gave an exclusive interview to Paris Match earlier this month where they discussed Princess Grace and Princess Grace foundation. In the interview it was also confirmed that Andrea Casiraghi and his wife, Tatiana Santo Domingo are expecting their second child. Tatiana and Andrea's firs child, Alexandre Andrea Stefano "Sasha" was born 21 March 2013.

Tatiana Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi

September 26, 2014

September 25, 2014

Victoria's Footprint Bracelet by Kreuger Jewellery

Victoria wears Footprint bracelet by Kreuger Jewellery

As predicted, Victoria is a proud wearer of the Footprint bracelet by Kreuger Jewellery. The bracelet is sold to raise funds in the fight against poaching. Read my blog post about it here.

September 24, 2014

Victoria's floral skirt

Browsing on Instagram I found a photo on H&M's page of a skirt that I thought I'd seen before. When I did a little more digging I found out it was the skirt we saw Victoria wear the other day to Stockholm Junior Water prize ceremony.

You'll never guess who's shoes Victoria is wearing!

September 23, 2014

Footprint bracelet by Kreuger Jewellery

Last week Victoria attended Save the Rhino Gala. The event was held at Clarion Post Hotel in Göteborg, Sweden and as the name suggests the event was held to raise awareness and funds in the fight against poaching. Read more about the project here.

Victoria with friends Andrea Engsäll and Caroline Kreuger.
Caroline Kreuger, Victorias good friend, the owner of Kreuger Jewellery has designed a very cool and fashionable bracelet for the project which all the proceeds for go towards saving rhinos and elephants in the fight against poaching. The bracelet is called Footprint and looks like the footprint of a rhino. The bracelet is available for adults and children and is set in silver. If you are interested in helping raising funds or if you simply just want to own this beautiful bracelet they are available here.
The bracelets are called Footprint

Victoria's good friend Andrea Engsäll, got herself a rhino bracelet and said in a blog post that "all the gang has one." Meaning she and her and Victoria's friends all have one and since they are highly influential, trendsetting people in Sweden it wont be long until they trend in Sweden. My prediction is that we will see it on Victoria someday. Not only because she is fashionable but also because of her connection to the project and the fact that her friend designed it.

Andrea Engsäll and "the gang" wearing the Footprint bracelet
Updated 24th September: Victoria wore the bracelet to an official event today.

Photos: Svenskdam, Engelbert, Andrea Engsäll

September 22, 2014

Victoria wears Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn 2014 for Lindex

No surprise here - Victoria wore the navy and white striped shirt from the Jean Paul Gaultier Autumn 2014 collection for Lindex before it arrived in stores. She has done this before - for example we saw her wear the Isabel Marant for H&M collection before it was released in stores.

Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex

Did Victoria give her Baum und Pferdgarten dress to Andrea Engsäll?

Andrea Engsäll is a close friend of Princess Victoria. Victoria is even the godmother to her daughter, Diana. In the newest issue of Amelia (swedish magazine) Andrea is wearing what seems to be the same dress Victoria wore earlier this year on her trip to Tanzania. Now I wonder.. did they really buy the same dress or is it a hand-me-down from Victoria? What do you think?

September 21, 2014

Princess Olympia models haute couture for W Magazine

Princess Olympia of Greece and Kendra Spears model stunning haute couture gowns in a brand new photo shoot for W Magazine. The princesses model Giambattista Valli, Atelier Versace, Valentino and Elie Saab to name a few. Head over to W Magazine to see the entire set of photos issued from the photo shoot.

Princess Olympia of Greece models haute couture Valentino for W Magazine

September 15, 2014

Princess Madeleine's baby carrier

Princess Madeleine took my advice and bought the BabyBjorn baby carrier. It was kind of expected because of the popularity of the BabyBjorn among celebs and the fact that Madeleine travels a lot. To name a few Beyonce, Olivia Wild, David Cameron, Orlando Bloom and Angelina Jolie have a BabyBjorn carrier.

Madeleine's BabyBjorn carrier

Princess Madeleine carrying Princess Leonore as she talks to hubby Chris O'Neill

Maxima's kind gesture

Maxima, queen of The Netherlands wore a dress by Natan last weekend. However, this dress is no ordinary Natan dress. It was designed by a girl named Luna (with the help of Edoard Vermeulen) who has been battling leukemia for over two years. It was her wish to design a dress that would be worn by someone famous and Make a Wish foundation and Maxima helped make that wish come true. What a lovely gesture on Queen Maxima's part.

Queen Maxima wearing Luna's design

Edoard Vermeulen with Luna

Luna's design

Photos: Make a wish foundation

September 09, 2014

Victoria wears Madeileine's Ralph Lauren sandals

Remember when I told you that the royal ladies of Sweden like to share their clothes and accessories? Well they still do. The other day Victoria wore the Ralph Lauren sandals Madeleine wore over a year ago to the ELLE magazine photo shoot. Take a look.

August 06, 2014

25 Facts About Princess Grace of Monaco

1. She was known for her stunning looks and attracted many men. Before she met Rainier her lovers were among others Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Ray Milland, Frank Sinatra and David Niven.

2. Before she met Rainier she used to date Cary Grant for 6 years.

3. Before she got engaged to Rainier Grace was engaged to fashion designer Oleg Cassini. Oleg Cassini was famous for his designs for Jackie Kennedy.

4. John F. Kennedy used to be a big fan of Grace. He would sometimes ask her out on a date before he got engaged to Jackie.

5. Grace Kelly won an Oscar for her performance in the movie The Country Girl.

6. Grace Kelly and John F. Kennedy both had daughters in 1957 they named Caroline.

7. In 1966 Grace went to the Gucci boutique in Milan to buy a scarf. But Rodolfo Gucci, son of the founder, Guccio Gucci didn't think any of the existing Gucci scarves were deserving enough for the beautiful princess so he made the iconic Flora pattern for Grace. Little did he know that the pattern would become an iconic design. Grace wore her Flora scarf and later her daughter, Princess Caroline wore a blouse with the same pattern. When the Flora pattern was re-introduced recently by Frida Giannini, who better to model the pattern other than Grace's granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi. Below is a photo of Princess Caroline wearing a Flora blouse in 1973, a 1966 Flora scarf, Grace Kelly with Prince Rainier - Grace wearing Flora scarf. The bottom two photos are from a recent Gucci campaign where Charlotte Casiraghi models a Flora blouse and a Flora dress.

Gucci Flora
8. Grace has five granddaughters and four grandsons she never met. Grace died in 1982 and her first grandchild was born in 1984.

9. If you are interested in owning a vintage Gucci Flora scarf, you can probably find one on eBay. They sell for around $200.

10. Grace met Rainier when she was filming To Catch a Thief.

11. Grace starred in a total of 29 films during her rather short movie career.

12. In 1993 Grace became the first actress ever to appear on a US stamp.

13. Grace's father, John B. Kelly was a successful sculler and won three Olympic medals in his career.

14. Grace's uncle, George Kelly was a successful playwright who won a Pulitzer for his work.

15. Grace was good friends with John F. Kennedy and Jackie all her life.

16. Only 6 of Grace's grandchildren are in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne.

17. The first child of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier was born exactly nine months and four days after their wedding day.

18. In 2007, the British singer Mika came out with a song called Grace Kelly. It was widely popular and became an international hit.

19. Grace was a big fan of Hérmes. She used to frequently wear one of their bags and it came in handy when she was pregnant and wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret. She could carry her bag in front of her belly, hiding the pregnancy from photographers. Hérmes later named the bag after her, The Kelly bag.

Grace Kelly with her Hérmes Kelly bag

20. After Grace's marriage to Rainier all of Grace's films were banned in Monaco.

21. Grace's religious marriage wedding dress was a gift from MGM. It was designed by Helen Rose, a costume designer for MGM and a good friend of Grace's.

22. Grace's bridesmaids wore pale yellow, custom made dresses from Neiman Marcus. To complete their outfits they wore yellow hats and white wrist length gloves.

23. Among the wedding guests at Grace and Ranier's wedding were Aristotle Onassis and his wife Athina Onassis.

24. Charlotte Casiraghi, Grace and Rainiers granddaughter and Athina Onassis de Miranda, Aristotle and Athina's granddaughter are good friends and fellow equestrians.

25. Prince Sebastian von Fürstenberg was a pageboy at Grace and Rainier's wedding. Sebastian is a cousin to Rainier and brother of Egon von Fürstenberg.

July 24, 2014

Follow the Royals on Social Media

We are all for following the royals on social media. Here are some recommendations for you.

  • Prince Achileas of Greece and Denmark, son of Princess Marie-Chantal and Prince Pavlos of Greece. Achileas is on Instagram
  • Prince Alexios of Greece and Denmark, son of Princess Marie-Chantal and Prince Pavlos of Greece. Alexios' Instagram.

July 14, 2014

Princess Estelle's bracelet - how to make your own

Today, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrated her 37th birthday and many fans came out to celebrate with her and the rest of her family. Of course Estelle was there, adorable as ever. From photos of the event I noticed she was wearing a set of DYI bracelets, a gift from fans, I guess. Victoria also wore similar bracelets and a homemade necklace.

Princess Estelle wearing homemade rubber tie bracelets, a gift from fans.
 For those of you who are interested in knowing more about these rubber bracelets who have become a trend, at least where I live, they are made out of many, small, multicolored rubber ties/bands that are tied together using a specific technique. The technique is explained in the video below. The rubber bands/ties can be bought in your local crafts store or on Amazon.

Happy bracelet making!

July 09, 2014

A Closer Look At Sofia Hellqvist's Engagement Ring

As you might know if you are a follower of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist, they have announced their engagement. The engagement took place and was announced on 27 June 2014 in Sweden. Sofia wore a red Roland Mouret dress and her hair was worn down. She looked simply stunning and it was clear to anyone who saw them that day at the press gathering that they are madly in love with each other. Prince Carl Philip will finally get to marry his chosen one and Sofia will finally get her prince.

When Carl Philip was asked about the ring he said that he of course had chosen it himself and that he had a say in the design even though it was not designed by him. Sofia proudly wore the ring and said that she loved it and that she was still in chock as it was still very new to her.

A closeup of Sofia Hellqvist's engagement ring

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