June 06, 2013

Princess Madeleine's wedding dresses: Linda Nurk on Friday and Valentino on Saturday?

Ever since princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill made their engagement official in October last year there have been lots of speculations about Madeleine's wedding dress and who will be the creator.
We have heard numerous names dropped: Valentino, Vera Wang, Pär Engsheden, Linda Nurk and so on but to date nothing has been confirmed or denied by the royal court. When asked, Madeleine said: "I don't want to give anything up yet. I want it to be a surprise."

I don't think Pär Engsheden, (who designed Crown Princess Victoria's wedding dress) got the job. Mainly because when he was asked if he got the job he was very clear that he didn't. He said: "Unfortunately I did not get the honor of designing Madeleine's wedding dress". However, Engsheden designed Madeleines green dress we saw her wearing on 19th May to the banns of wedding at the royal chapel.

Madeleine on 19th May 2013, wearing Pär Engsheden

Seen as Valentino is on the guest list for the wedding and he has been rumored being the designer I think it could be a strong possibility that he in fact is the designer of Madeleine's dress. Madeleine has a great, somewhat expensive taste when it comes to fashion and Valentino is more exclusive than, say Vera Wang. Valentino is also a princess favorite and has the experience of designing for royalty. He made the wedding dress for Crown Princess Marie Chantal when she married Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece in 1995. He also made the dress for Queen Máxima when she married the then Crown Prince of The Netherlands in 2002. Also, interestingly Eva O'Neill, Chris' mother, wore Valentino on 19th May to the banns of wedding. My bet is that Valentino is the creator of Madeleine's wedding dress.

Linda Nurk is a swedish designer and to date has made three dresses for Madeleine; her nobel dresses for 2007 and 2010. And she is also the creator of the blue dress she wore to her sisters wedding in 2010. When asked if she got the task of creating Madeleine's wedding dress Nurk was vague in her answers: "I can't comment on her wedding at this point" she said. To me that means she has some knowledge she can not share with others. My bet is that Linda Nurk is the creator of her dress for the private dinner on Friday 7th June!

Madeleine in June 2010, wearing Linda Nurk

When her sister, Victoria married Daniel Westling in June 2010 she wore a wedding dress by a Swedish designer, Pär Engsheden and on the day before the wedding she wore a dress by Elie Saab.

Crown Princess Victoria wearing a wedding dress exclusively designed for her by the Swedish designer Pär Engsheden.

Crown Princess Victoria on the day before her wedding, wearing Elie Saab

Who do you think Madeleine chose to design her wedding dress?

Updated 7 June: It has been made official by the Royal Court that the designer of Madeleine's Wedding dress is in fact Valentino Garavani.

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