December 30, 2012

Get Princess Madeleine's manicure

Madeleine's Nobel dress has been discussed on almost every royal themed blog there is. But the one thing that hasn't been discussed (I think) is her current manicure. I noticed it first when she showed up wearing her Angel Sanchez dress at the Nobel Festivities in Sweden earlier this month and I've noticed that she has been wearing the same nail polish throughout the month. I don't have it confirmed but I am pretty certain she is wearing Chanel's Malice 637 from the Holiday 2012 collection.

Madeleine's engagement ring and her beautiful manicure.

This is a photo of Princess Madeleine of Sweden engagement ring and chanel malice manicure
Madeleine's elegant manicure

This is a photo of Princess Madeleine showing her manicure to Queen Silvia
Queen Silvia is impressed with Madeleine's festive manicure
This is a photo of Chanel Malice 637 Nail Polish
Chanel Malice 637 Nail Polish

I'm a big fan of Chanel and I love their nail polishes. I treated myself to a bottle of Malice the other day and I love the way it looks on me.

Do you agree with me or do you think Madeleine is wearing something other than Chanel's Malice?

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